"I firmly believe that people do their best work when they feel safe to play and discover, when they are surrounded by humor, when someone listens to them, and when there is collaboration.
                                                                                                Let's find your voice..."        


               An Environment that is...





-non judgmental



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-Vocal coaching for an audition?

-Monologue coaching?

-Voice Lessons?

-Help finding the story within the song?

-Coaching for business communication?

-Coaching for your upcoming sermon?


 ...then The Studio On Main is the thing for you!



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what actual clients have to say...

Leigh is like no other when it comes to directing and coaching. She does not tell you what to do, but rather she guides you into discovering the character within yourself. Leigh’s compassion and genuine care makes you feel like an equal - unlike some other coaches and directors who can be overbearing and intimidating in a lesson. However Leigh’s kindness does not nullify her experience and expertise. She will help you discover the character in yourself and will definitely give you a boost before an audition!
— Chris Millet, student
Leigh Barrett is a world-class performer, living around the corner in our neighborhood. As good a teacher as she is on the stage, she is able to give young actors a sense of what professional theater is like, and pleased to help them develop the skills to succeed there in an atmosphere of optimism and [tenacious achievement]. Her students develop the durable confidence of those who learn mastery- and the joy of its pursuit. This is evident in the success of her productions, which are tight, professional, and fun to watch; and it can be seen in the longing of her students, looking forward from the last show for the chance to be in the next.
— William Furber, parent of a student
Leigh Barrett has worked with my children for the past four years. She is a wonderful, nurturing, professional acting coach who instills confindence in my children. She prepared my daughter for a role I honestly did not think she was ready for, but Leigh did, and to my amazement my daughter got that part! Leigh sees the best in her students and helps them to achieve roles they were meant to play. She has given my children the confidence and techniques to help prepare them for any audition. I would not send my children to anyone else.
— Jennifer Gillespie, parent of students
After working with Leigh Barrett, both acting under her as a director and working along side her as a fellow actor, I can with full confidence say that my abilities as an actor and a singer have improved drastically because of her coaching. Though I have been coached by multiple voice instructors in the past, Leigh was the one who finally made sense of a key concept I had not understood before taking a lesson with her: breath support. She explained the exact placement and way a strong, supported diaphram should feel, and after that lesson my vocal abilities and support have gotten so much better. Acting along side her I was able to improve simply through observation, witnessing in real life techniques that teachers had only described to me before. Under her direction in “Into the Woods”, I found that I was able to delve more deeply and completely into each lyric. Leigh helped me not only get a sense of who I was supposed to be onstage, but even showed me how to get inside my character’s head and develop their life within the story. Leigh’s coaching provided me with a basis for acting and singing that I know I will be able to apply to any future theatrical experience that comes.
— Jillian Furber, student & actress