Name: Leigh Barrett (or is it?)
Age: shut up
Height: 5'5"
Origin Story: bit by a radioactive mouse...jk! British Isles
Relationship Status: Married
Hair Color: Auburn (for realsies)
Eye Color: Hazel
Year Graduated: trick question! Not gonna answer cuz you can probably do math.
Hometown: Wakefield, MA
Religious Views: Humanitarian/Spiritual
Political Views: Don't be an idiot
Birthday: May 25
Occupation: Actress/Singer/vocal coach
Hobbies: grocery shopping, crocheting, helping Kat, Facebooking, tweeting, texting, thinking I'm crafty
Addictions: Downton, Walking Dead, Mercy Street, and
Sisters: 2

Current Faves...

Movie: Tommy Boy, National Treasure and White Christmas (get over it)
Song: In This Life...Bette Midler
Color: teal
Animal: pigs
Actor: Tom Hanks
Actress: Emma Thompson
Author: Janet Evanovich (don't judge me)
Drink: Diet Coke or a Decaf nonfat gingerbread latte
Food: mashed potatoes with corn and gravy
Season: Spring 
Location: my couch
Place To Eat: Wenham Tea House